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Brett Stuart, author of Remote Viewing: The Complete Guide, has launched an exciting online video classroom dedicated to the development and understanding of a variety of advanced consciousness abilities. Join hundreds of students that have already purchased the RV Fundamentals course, and master your perception today!


Join Brett Stuart, as he covers the fundamentals of structured remote viewing. This online course contains hours of on-demand streaming HD video lectures, designed to work through at your own pace. Additionally, you’ll learn the following:

  • Remote Viewing theory and a workable model of human consciousness.

  • How to clear the signal-line of mental noise to tap into your intuition.

  • Access information about non-local targets with ideogram techniques.

  • Explore site aspects and produce archetypal renditions of distant sites.

  • Harness the power of "Thought Catching" to assemble RV descriptions.

  • Continue developing your skill after the class with customized tools.