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Applying ARV

Welcome to Brett’s latest class, where he explores the intricacies of Associative Remote Viewing, and how it can be used to solve real-world problem sets such as forecasting future stock prices, determining the outcome of a sporting event, and even using it in a manner similar to dowsing. You’ll learn the following:

Applying Associative Remote Viewing
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  • An in-depth review of ARV research and its history.

  • Applying ARV to many different problem sets:

    • Cryptocurrencies and the Stock Market.

    • Predicting sports match outcomes.

    • Applying the skill in a way similar to dowsing.

    • Answering yes/no questions quickly.

  • Learn how to setup your own ARV projects by:

    • Developing your Associative Target Pair blind pool.

    • Apply a shortened RV method to determine outcomes.

    • Learn to simply decode the ideogram.

    • Employ a precise evaluation and judging system.

  • Recruit your sub-conscious mind to work with you.

    • Solving for session displacement.

    • Troubleshooting ARVs most common issues.

    • Additional exercises to increase accuracy.

    • And much more!

RV Fundamentals

Join Brett Stuart, as he covers the fundamentals of structured remote viewing. This online course contains hours of on-demand streaming HD video lectures, designed to work through at your own pace to begin practicing the skill against blind practice targets. Additionally, you’ll learn the following:

Remote Viewing Fundamentals
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  • Remote Viewing theory and a workable model of human consciousness.

  • How to clear the signal-line of mental noise to tap into your intuition.

  • Access information about non-local targets with ideogram techniques.

  • Explore site aspects and produce archetypal renditions of distant sites.

  • Harness the power of "Thought Catching" to assemble RV descriptions.

  • Continue developing your skill after the class with customized tools.