PROJECT: VC Startup Strategy

Krish S., the CEO of a multi-million-dollar VC startup, approached TI consultants with a serious dilemma facing his company. After 2 years of overcoming obstacles and intense work, his company was on the verge of either running out of capital or raising additional funds, which would significantly dilute his existing equity. Krish requested a thorough investigation to recommend the optimum business strategy.

answer: Partnership

Corroborating intuitive data across the TI team confirmed that the client should seek a partnership with a larger organization. The work described two senior executives shaking hands on a deal as a symbol of trust that would lead to future prosperity.  TI consultants further sketched the logo of the organization for the partnership. Applying the information obtained by our team, the client went on to secure strategic funding and formed a successful new venture.


PROJECT: market analysis

A senior-level executive of a large investment firm tasked our intuitive consultants with a project to determine the stability of Bitcoin so as to assess the cryptocurrency as a viable investment vehicle for his clients. 

answer: regulatory stranglehold

Upon receiving the contract, our team set out to strategically evaluate the cryptocurrency, accessing our deep intuition with a plethora of non-local perception techniques. Our team described an enormous explosion in the value of Bitcoin, but would ultimately deflate, leading to a dramatic fracturing of its value. The first domino of the event was traced back to the government of China, which would enact a pre-planned kill-switch against Bitcoin, leading to massive losses. It wasn’t until September 14th, 2017 that China took the first step and ordered the closure of all cryptocurrency exchanges in the country, confirming the first part of our predictive analysis.


PROJECT: Business Retirement

The co-founder of a mid-sized US-based industrial printing organization approached our team to evaluate whether he should continue running his operation since his business partner was considering retirement.

answer: equal associates

After discussing a research strategy, TI intuitives described that the optimum career path was to stay in his existing role, leading product development and day-to-day operations. However, it was imperative that he progress with a business partner, even if his existing co-founder decided to retire. Long-term success relied on finding an equal associate who could challenge him as the client was prone to risk. A balanced partnership was required to achieve future financial success. The clarity of our work gave him the confidence to continue in the business and he eventually found a partner that matched our description.