12 Week Internal Performance Coaching w/Brett Stuart (Tier 1)


12 Week Internal Performance Coaching w/Brett Stuart (Tier 1)


Work with Brett Stuart on trans-formative coaching calls, once per week, to progressively address and conquer any form of self-sabotage, stress or negative thinking that’s been standing between you and what you wish to manifest in your life - be it in business, relationships, or health. Coaching calls last from 60-90 minutes (with the ability to extend if needed) to not only discuss strategies for reaching your goal, but to also work 1-on-1 with Brett and apply life-changing techniques that bring relief and clarity to dissolve any inner-blocker that you’ve had difficulty overcoming in the past.

At the end of each coaching session, there are weekly exercises to be completed over the next 7 days. Send questions by e-mail (directors@technicalintuition.com) and Brett is typically able to respond within 24 hours. If you need additional full-length coaching calls, a second coaching tier is available to meet twice per week, with emergency calls also available. Contact Brett for more details.

The Internal Performance System weekly overview :

  • Week 1: Learning The Language of Your Unconscious Mind

  • Week 2: Conquering Negative Thinking & Harmful Behaviors

  • Week 3: Optimizing Your Objective & Internal Communication

  • Week 4: Priming Your Unconscious To Automatically Achieve Your Objective

  • Week 5: Discover Your Success Ceiling & Progressively Raise It

  • Week 6: Avoiding Common Objective Pitfalls

  • Week 7: Permanently Resolving Legacy Patterns of Self-Sabotage

  • Week 8-12: Clearing Any Blocker That Would Derail Your Success

Get ready to transform your inner landscape and harness the power of your unconscious mind to achieve new heights in positive and exciting ways!

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