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personal coaching

Work with brett to PERMANENTLY conquer self-sabotage, stress and negative thinking!

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Live Video Coaching!

Brett has worked with thousands of students over the past decade to develop both their internal skill-sets. He’s now opening his doors to a larger audience to begin assisting a larger online audience that’s interested in overcoming internal blockers and achieving their goals in life.


Develop Deep Intuition and hone your Achievement Power

Work with Brett one-on-one to develop your ability to access deep intuition to super-charge your intentions and objectives in your life. The number one reason people fail at reaching their goals is a result of unconscious misalignment and the inability to effectively communicate with their inner self.

Decide now that those days are over, and sign up for personal coaching with Brett Stuart to focus on accessing your deep intuition & achievement power.

Topics to explore:

  • Develop Effective Inner Communication lines with unconscious aspects of the self. This includes discovering your primary method of perception, and working to strengthen the weaker ones.

  • Activate Your Inner Power to super-charge your intentions in both the inner and outer worlds. This profound guided experience is a foundational corner-stone that will help you attract your intentions like a magnet!

  • Learn To Clearly Out-Picture Your Intent with laser-like precision and proven techniques that remove ambiguity and the unwanted results of failure you may have experienced in the past.

  • Overcome Self-Sabotage and release unconscious negative programs that have been holding you back from reaching your goals in life. Learning to effectively dissolve these boulders blocking your path is mandatory if you wish to successfully manifest your intentions.

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Real-time examples

Brett teaches proven, straight-forward methods that you can effectively apply in your own life.



It’s been three decades since I served as both operations and training officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s ‘psi spy’ unit. In truth, in civilian life I’ve never really abrogated those roles; I formed and direct my own intelligence agency (a private consulting group), and over the years have taught remote viewing to many thousands of people.

However, extended advanced individual (i.e., private, one-on- one) training courses have been limited to only those candidates whom I deemed could effectively succeed me in my role as an expert remote viewing teacher. Those individuals needed to display the requisite dedication, professionalism, experience, rigor and attention to detail that mastery of the RV skill requires – as well as a burning desire to introduce the world to this powerful mind tool. In no uncertain terms, Brett Stuart meets those criteria.
— Major Ed Dames, U.S. Army (ret.)
Brett is the preeminent Remote Viewing trainer working today. He offers a coaching element which is necessary to help students confront blind spots in their personality, past, and ego, which may filter how their unconscious retrieves information.

Brett made me feel comfortable during training with clear expectations and scheduling. He set up a full curriculum based upon my training goals and tailored teaching to meet these objectives. He made me aware of all the technical errors I was making with detailed analysis and ways to improve. He gave me excellent logical analysis tools, not often taught in Remote Viewing, in order to improve my session interpretation and postulating accuracy.

Brett also gave me a clear understanding of the path forward for Remote Viewers, and how sessions may eventually look at the professional level. I felt supported, inspired, and knew exactly where I stood in my improvement, throughout the training process.
— Brian G. Lightfoot, Montreal, Canada
Congratulations on the very professional and well laid out digital program. A very well thought out program which can be easily used by novices, intermediate and professional users. It truly is setting the bar, and creating a milestone in the advancement of RV tools for users in terms of increased accuracy, saving time and recording results.

In addition, the Manual is particularly impressive in its simplicity and for its easy to understand explanations. This kind of good work makes your site a light house in the dark for users who are seeking safe harbor while battling the challenges of Remote Viewing work to both learn, and to accomplish their own work. Good job on this innovative program, and Well Done.
— One of your students, Paul B.