What is TI?


Technical Intuition (TI) is a structured remote viewing approach that allows individuals to distinguish mental noise from deep intuition. While many natural intuitives have the ability to tap into an underlying field of non-local perception,  they struggle determining which thoughts arose from their imagination and which arose from a deep intuitive connection. Most people have experienced some form of intuition at one point in their life - whether it was a correct gut-based business decision or an accurate sense that a loved one was in trouble. TI allows an intuitive to turn this spontaneous phenomenon into a precise, on-demand skill.



Brett Stuart has spent over 10 years investigating various forms of meditative practices and perceptual techniques. Previously only available to close friends and contacts, he is now offering private consultations to the public. With a team of viewers, we are able to shift our minds into a highly attentive and observant state known as thought-catching. This altered state of consciousness acts as a gateway for accessing deep intuition not only for ourselves, but also for others. Information obtained from a TI session can be applied to any area in life - from health to wealth and relationships.



Brett Stuart, the founder of TI has selectively coached hundreds of students over the past five years. Previously, instruction was only offered to students that could commit a significant amount of time and studying effort to the practice. However, Brett is now opening the doors to a much larger audience with online courses for students to work through at their own pace. Brett's intention is to offer a responsible approach to learning intuitive techniques that often goes overlooked in other programs, including energetic defense and a dedication to personal confrontation and inner development.