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Remote Viewing Fundamentals - February 25th, 2018 @ 7PM MT

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Join Brett Stuart, the founder of Technical Intuition and author of Remote Viewing: The Complete Guide, as he teaches the fundamentals of Remote Viewing, and how to get started accessing your intuition!



"I have been working with (T.I.) for almost a year now. They are the only intuitives that I trust. Their accuracy and predictions ever seem to amaze me, and their advice has helped me overcome many blockers in my career and relationships. I highly recommend their services to anyone interested in finding clear guidance in their life. 

- Krish S. CEO Venture Funded StartUp

Intuitive Consulting
899.00 1,000.00

Consultations Include:

A Phone Call to Discuss Your Inquiry
One Deep Intuition Session Query
A Follow-up Call to Discuss the Results

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private Consulting

Take advantage of this special offer and ask your deepest questions.  With a cumulative total of 20 years of experience, our consultants spend hours accessing their deep intuition on behalf of clients. Seek insight with inquiries such as*:

  • What should I do in this situation?
  • How should I move forward?
  • What's missing in my life?
  • What's my greatest false belief?
  • Answer questions to help guide decision making.
  • Optimum pathways in health, wealth and relationships.

Consulting begins with an introduction phone call to better understand your inquiry and brief you on our process. Afterwards, we'll schedule a second call to deliver the results of your session query. We specialize in a plethora of non-local perception and listening techniques, which are applied for each of our clients.

Give yourself certainty before journeying into the unknown.

* Limited to 1 unique situation. If the work requires multiple sessions, we can provide a custom quote. We reserve the right to decline any inquiries that fall outside of our ethical domain.

Corporate Consulting

Strengthen your business with our team's intuitive insight and surpass expectations with our corporate consulting package. Deep intuition and non-local perception techniques are not confined to personal development inquiries. They may also be applied to solve complex business development and investment strategy tasks. Hone your vision with our expanded research unit to determine answers for*:

  • Solving complex product development hurdles.
  • Breakthrough insights for research & development.
  • Due diligence on senior executive hiring.
  • Problem solve intricate mechanical malfunctions.
  • Project future scenario risks and rewards.
  • Uncover the effect of upcoming technology shifts.

Due to the nature of corporate consulting, the amount of work required varies from client to client. For a project quote, please contact us for a complementary project evaluation. 

Secure our intuitive expertise to unleash your business's potential.

* We reserve the right to decline any inquiries that fall outside of our ethical domain. On-Site intuitive analysis and reporting varies from project to project.
Corporate Consulting

Contact for a Custom Quote

Consultations Include:

A Complementary Evaluation Phone Call
Strategic Deployment Recommendations
* On-Site Intuitive Analysis & Reporting

What is TI?


Technical Intuition (TI) is a structured approach for individuals to distinguish mental noise from deep insight. While many natural intuitives have the ability to tap into an underlying field of non-local perception,  they struggle in knowing which thoughts arose from their imagination and which arose from a deep intuitive connection. Most people have experienced some form of intuition at one point in their life - whether it was a correct gut-based business decision or an accurate sense that a loved one was in trouble. TI allows an intuitive to turn this spontaneous phenomenon into a precise, on-demand skill.



TI consultants have each spent over 10 years investigating various forms of meditative practices and perceptual techniques. Previously only available to close friends and contacts, they are now offering private consultations to the public. As a team, they are able to shift their minds into a highly attentive and observant state known as thought-catching. This altered state of consciousness acts as a gateway for accessing deep intuition not only for themselves, but also for others. Information obtained from a TI session can be applied to any area in life - from health to wealth and relationships.



While TI consultants have selectively coached hundreds of students over the past five years, due to the nature of the learning process, they are currently focused on serving others with private consultations. However, if a prospective student expresses a deep desire to learn, and has the ability to focus intensely on an exhaustive learning curriculum, exceptions are sometimes made. Becoming proficient with TI takes a significant commitment to inner-work and personal confrontation. Unless the student is ready to begin a journey of mastery, then our limited time is better spent serving others.