What You’ll Learn:

  • An in-depth review of ARV research and its history.

  • Applying ARV to many different problem sets:

    • Cryptocurrencies and the Stock Market.

    • Predicting sports match outcomes.

    • Applying the skill in a way similar to dowsing.

    • Answering yes/no questions quickly.

  • Learn how to setup your own ARV projects by:

    • Developing your Associative Target Pair blind pool.

    • Apply a shortened RV method to determine outcomes.

    • Learn to simply decode the ideogram.

    • Employ a precise evaluation and judging system.

  • Recruit your sub-conscious mind to work with you.

    • Solving for session displacement.

    • Troubleshooting ARVs most common issues.

    • Additional exercises to increase accuracy.

    • And much more!

Applying ARV Course

I'm extremely excited to announce the launch of my next class: Applying Associative Remote Viewing, which releases December 19th.

Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) is an incredibly valuable skill-set that can be utilized in many different ways, ranging from determining an optimal investment position in the stock market to whether or not it’s in your best interest to take that new job offer. The power of ARV really shines when it comes to decision making – the this OR that of life, and with practice it can be applied with high degree of certainty.

So how does it work? ARV takes an either/or (binary) problem set, such as: will a stock be higher or lower at the end of the trading day, and associates a different object or photo with each of the two outcomes. The viewer is then able to describe the correct association!

When remote viewing was still in its infancy, Russell Targ, one of the physicists that helped develop the skill, decided to use ARV to predict silver futures in an attempt to raise funds for his research, and after 9 consecutive forecasts, all of them were correct, earning the group $120,000 and a front-page article in the Wall Street Journal! There have been countless success stories since then. Will you be the next?

I’m incredibly excited to bring this new class online, which will teach you exactly how to setup and begin these remote viewing projects yourself! And while it would certainly help, I've intentionally designed the class to not require any previous remote viewing experience to successfully complete this online video course.

Whether your goal is to join the growing community of viewers that utilize ARV in the market, or are more interested in applying the skill in other areas of your life, once proficient you’ll quickly learn just how powerful this technique really is.

Applying Associative Remote Viewing
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